Emergency Response: Haiti

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Considering the recent earthquake in Haiti absolutely devastated the already-struggling country, I would like to use the traffic on Vegundity to build momentum for brainstorming ways to support.  I know you care about sustainable access to food and water, Black folks, social justice or all of the above if you are reading this.  Please help build momentum around addressing the post-earthquake disaster.

If you have any suggestions for organizations to donate to, contact, volunteer for, start,  ideas on fundraisers in your area or any other thought on the situation, please feel free to post it here.  I reached out to the folks at Pure Water World but I know that’s not enough.  Please contribute your mental energy.

Also, here is a list of relief and resource-providing non-profit organizations in Haiti:

PS: Just meditate for a second on having to drink this water when you live on an island in the Atlantic.  Now imagine Katrina.  Now combine them.

Something Vegan and Sexy

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For those that know me well, they know that I am pro-pleasure.

I am pro-smiles, pro-laughter, pro-oohs aaahs and indulgence. I am also very pro-orgasmic. I don’t care if the orgasm is in your heart, your mouth, your mid-section, or your mind, just have one!

On that note, I’m deciding to get over my fear of publicly acknowledging my deep belief in the erotic (check out my education in Audre Lorde’s seminal essay “Uses of the Erotic: The Erotic as Power”) and plunge into publicly speaking on harvesting our innate radical energy  through our food practices, our intellectual undertakings and our  application of sexual awareness.  To borrow from Lisa Blasch’s analysis of Lorde’s essay, “the erotic empowers us to bring the activities of our daily life into harmony with our particular values and overall desire for emancipation.” I want Vegundity to follow that lead.

Having said all of that, I want to turn your attention to a new theme I’m incorporating into Vegundity that will basically centralize veganism as an exploration of our politics wrapped up in our desires.   Considering that I’m living for reproductive justice (and you’re reading this), I think I can be forward-thinking enough to merge our thoughts as empathetic, social justice-centered, parity in pleasure-seeking folks with our basic human need for food and sex at this blog…

So let’s get it.

As of late, I’ve been thinking a lot about edible vegan body chocolates (I can’t think of anything better than a chocolate body covered in some concocted cocoa-magic) and looking at this basket here made my damn toes curl.

Sadly, only the truffles are indicated as containing fair trade ingredients so I won’t be buying it.  But it gave me a few good ideas for those of use who are not interested in paying $50 for a basket (though I do accept gifts!) without being assured that the labor of those that made our gift possible wasn’t exploited.

Here are a few tips and alternatives from my mind:
1) Shea butter is an excellent conduit for chocolate on the body.

Rub your ace boo’s body down with that creamy, fairly traded karite (check out Alaffia products) and let it melt into their skin.  This way, they’ll be nice and ripe for the picking 😉  Also, using shea butter on your lover will help you avoid paraben taste in your mouth after that crucial (first) rub down and…umm…taste test.  External use only, folks!

2) Fair trade chocolate is good hard and soft.

Excellent fair trade chocolate can come to you stiff and be melted down, made smooth, creamy and runneth over for your sensual satisfaction.  Take your favorite label (ooh what an Equal Exchange or Divine bar can do for you…) and melt it. Place the newly melted contents into a nice bowl or something graceful with a spout (for easy pouring of course!) and let you and your partner’s senses dance with imagination and pleasure.  After the melting, it’s really all up to you, boo…but I strongly suggest putting a towel down first!

3) May your conscious fingers be your guide.

Take this one absolutely any way you want to, but what I am specifically referring to is dipping your fingers in that warm, dark (chocolate) oasis and spreading that sticky-icky goodness all ova dem! Draw arrows, spell names, or write lovely manifestos of your heart’s desire on your waiting canvas and rest assured it’s all in good conscience.  Cocoa producers benefited, your body’s benefiting, your mind is getting artistic exercise and, if nothing else matters, tonight that special someone is gonna know vegans invented sex.

Ask about me.

4) Hit the showers…together.

There are many a fine chocolate-inspired body wash or scrub out there, so pick one up (or make one!) and get that special somebody squeaky clean for some serious spooning or round two/three/four… If you are wiping that bawdy down, please see #1 on shea butter rubs.   They are what post-shower dreams are made of!

5) Be sexier with safety.

Just because we’re having fun doesn’t mean someone has to lose an eye.  Break out your dental dams, wrap it up with fe/male condoms, use spermicide, a/o find  a lube you love and get to gettin’! Please expect more posts on vegan or natural-sensibility friendly versions of these in the future.  It’s my pleasure to make sure your pleasure is as full and equitable as can be.  PS: Put your politics into your erotic practice and get tested together.  Nothing is sexier than trust 🙂

A Few First Dates

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Since I live in an area that runneth over with fine faces and finer minds, I like to daydream about making dates with great non-vegans go smoothly.  With that in mind, here are a few vegan-friendly suggestions for folks with their eyes on that special lacto-ovo vegetarian, pescatarian or omnivore!  Hopefully these ideas won’t make food more of a battle between you (at the very least)  and (at most) will make that person swoon for your vegan dexterity and eclectic palette!

1) Thai! I’ve already put my love of Regent Thai out there and I can also second Sala Thai (U Street DC) and Star of Siam (Chicago—can’t be beat).  Thai food is affordable and folks of all diasporas seem to love it.  At the end of the night, everyone is happy that they can get their Rama chicken or split some pad thai jae with you 🙂

2) Go to the movies and don’t be afraid of that popcorn.  I once went on a first date where my fella went all out and got pop (soda? whatever 😉 and huge bags of popcorn to show he wasn’t afraid of a hit to the wallet to keep my entertained.  However, he didn’t know that I don’t drink pop/high fructose corn syrup and the look of disappointment on his face was a little wrenching.  At least I spared him the total drama of a full-out refusal and held down some popcorn.  It’s more than likely covered in hydrogenated corn oil or, if you’re lucky, a little coconut oil.  Not easy to breakdown, but technically plant based!

Or you could play “whatever-you-like” and show your thoughtful side by sneaking in some tasty contraband that fits both your needs 🙂

3) Indian.  If your boo likes spicy (I mean other than you!) take them out for some Indian fare! Nirvana (in DC) is a great vegetarian and vegan-adaptive place for folks in love to meet in the middle.

4) Japanese.  Get that avocado roll and show off those chopstick skills, feed them wakame gingerly, or if chopsticks aren’t your thing, you can always feed that cutie-pie by hand.  What a gesture!

5) Pass a mixed and matched Whole Foods meal off as your own culinary genius. I think this is great for a blanket in the park when it finally warms up! Plus it’s easy to personalize! I don’t think it matters that it didn’t come from your hands because it came from your heart. I mean…hey…whatever gets you those sweet sweet Fruit of the Looms 😉

6) Breakfast in bed.  See #5.  You work your magic right and that special someone will be glad to see some lovingly made vegan flapjacks in the morning. Throw in some agave-maple syrup on a few extra-thick banana pancakes and you may have yourself some very grateful company!

Enjoy Folks! Feel free to let me know if you avoided a fight or got lucky off of my tips!